Registrations and Deadlines

2017 ONLINE Registration - CLICK HERE


Registration Deadlines

   All Grass Divisions are filled on a first come, first served basis, space is limited, don't wait! (see Open priority summary below)

Deadlines include:

  • Cancellation Fee $10 within 45 days of event, $25 within 30 days of event, & no refund within 15 days of event.
  • Late Fee per Team: $10 per team after July 15th, space permitting.
  • Phoned-In Fee per Team: $5 for us to fill out the form over the phone.
  • Bad Credit Card or Bounced Check Fee Per Team: $25 and possible cancellation from the tournament.

   Snowmass Doubles Sand Open forms will be accepted on the following priority system 90 days prior to the event.  Within 90 days of the event any remaining opening spots will be filled on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Teams will be accepted based on either of their players 2016 finishes in any of the following events: Beach Bash, Steamboat Doubles, Snowmass Doubles, Breckenridge Doubles, Oasis Classic or the 2016/17 CO Winter Beach Series final standings.  1st tier will be 5th place or higher, 2nd tier will be 7th-13th finish or higher.  3rd tier 1st come 1st serve.  We will reserve and keep open 2 Wild Card entries per gender for improved competition.


Registration Confirmation

     To confirm your registration, please check this website starting early May. Give us a little time to get your team in the system (generally 24-48 hours), then check on the Results/Entries tab. No confirmation email will be sent, instead, just check the Results/Entries tab on the left. Results are listed by year - the current year will list entrants prior to the tournament and will shift to results following the event.

Registration Information

     Snowmass Doubles registrations should be completed online using the link at the top of this page.  You can also print the form or pick up a hardcopy at The Island in Denver, CO, or The Oasis in Broomfield, CO.  Hardcopy forms can be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; faxed (303.745.1937); mailed or hand delivered to 2233 S. Geneva Street, Denver, CO 80247. Registrations without payment, or illegible, or with incomplete player information will not be accepted. 

Molten Volleyballs for all!
     Each participant in will receive one (1) $45 Molten Volleyball with Snowmass Doubles custom artwork adorning the ball.  Participants only receive one ball, so players competing in more than one division will have their registration fees reduced $25 per person for each additional division played.   

Formats, Division Sizes, and Pricing 

     Snowmass Doubles pools are comprised of 5/6 teams competing on 2/3 nets and tentative division sizes are noted below.  With multiple nets, pool play moves at a relatively fast pace which allows us to wrap up before any afternoon thunderstorms and get everyone back into a hot tub (except the sand players).  Divisions are capped and adjusted for pool play per the tournament director's discretion.  All teams advance from pool play to Bracket Play.  Brackets are created per the tournament director's discretion.  We usually take the three (3) pool play divisions (A, BB and B) and expand them to four (4) or five (5) tournament brackets (example: A, A-, BB+, BB-, B), based on results.  Our goal is to use pool play results to create relatively fair and equal brackets for all participants.  So if you are sandbagging...expect to move up to the appropriate bracket.  And if you get crushed, you may find yourself dropping to a more appropriate bracket.

   Thursday Coed Divisions
       Men's Dino 80        Sand      10 Teams    $100
       Women's Dino 80    Sand      10 Teams    $100
   Friday Coed Divisions
       Coed Open/AA        Sand       16 Teams    $100
       Coed A                   Grass      18 Teams    $100
       Coed BB                  Grass     30 Teams     $100
       Coed B                   Grass      30 Teams     $100

   Saturday/Sunday Men's Divisions 
       Men's Open            Sand        20 Teams    $130
       Men's A                 Grass       15 Teams    $100
       Men's BB                Grass       25 Teams    $100
       Men's B                  Grass       25 Teams    $100

   Saturday/Sunday Women's Divisions 
       Women's Open         Sand       20 Teams     $130
       Women's A              Grass       15 Teams    $100
       Women's BB            Grass       25 Teams     $100
       Women's B              Grass       25 Teams     $100

    All competition will occur on the fields adjacent to the Snowmass Recreation Center (link)